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Notice Board


Good sites to visit

The Toolpost

The ToolPost

Unit 7 Hawksworth, Southmead Industrial Park, Didcot, Oxon. OX11 7HR

01235 511101

Sharing Expertise


******************************** for lots of "How to" videos.

Buddy Scheme

It has been suggested that the club starts a "Mentor" scheme for new members and novice turners. With this in mind, a list of club members willing to act as mentors will be posted on the notice board, with their telephone number and area of residence. Any new member or novice who may wish to avail him/herself of this opportunity, please contact the volunteer mentor directly. Similarly, if any of our advanced turners wish to join the scheme as mentors, please add their details to the list. Those Advanced Members volunteering to act as mentors so far: John Austin (Newbury Area) Denis Winter (Newbury Area)

March Saturday Workshop

Change of Date

Please note : 

Due to yet another error of double booking by the Padworth Hall Caretaker, the Saturday Workshop in March has had to be moved to the last Saturday of the month.  (31st).

This is Easter Weekend


The prizes for the monthly raffle now include a voucher which can either be used in the club shop, or for the purchase of timber from Brian.

Saturday Workshop January 2018

Change of date

Please note that the Saturday Workshop in January 2018 has had to be changed to : Sat. 13th Jan.

This is due yet again, to a double booking by the Padworth Hall caretaker

January 2018 Saturday Workshop

13th. January 2018

Members please note that due to double booking yet again by Padworth Hall caretaker, we have had to move our Saturday workshop in January to 13th. of the month. 

Usual timings.


Phil Boulter with the Mayor of Thatcham

The club now has its own Facebook Page: A Saturday Workshop

Outstanding Books

Request to all members who have outstanding books and/or DVDs from the club library, to return them as soon as possible in order that other club members can enjoy them


Chairman's Report

Introduction: I am pleased to report that the club has again enjoyed a busy and active year, with some fine demonstrations and great participation by the members both at Tuesday meetings and Saturday workshops.

The spirit and enthusiasm of the members continues unabated. We are all grateful for the efforts of those who help at club meetings and participate keenly in the activities. The move back to Padworth Village Hall has been a success and the new layout for demos has proved to be practical.


Membership: People come and people go, but the membership now stands at 68 paid up members, with two lapsed members also wishing to re-join.


Monthly Meetings: Monthly meetings continue to be well supported including the members' evenings. The monthly competition also continues to be well supported, with a very high standard in all groups. A change to the judging arrangements earlier this year means that each category now has its own judge to score all entrants in that category. Thanks to John Austin for his work implementing the new process. Most of last year's Novices have moved to the Intermediate category which demonstrates the progression they have made. I would urge all new members to enter the monthly competition as a sure-fire way of enhancing their skills. The numbers competing in both intermediate and advanced sections remains strong with some striking pieces being produced.


The Saturday Workshop continues from strength to strength, with the January workshop attracting 29 members - a record. It is good to see so many members taking advantage of the Club's facilities, and learning so much from each other. Each month, novice members bring their tools in to learn the black art of tool sharpening. Thanks to Derek Prout for his patient tuition here.


Two highlights of the year were one Autumn Saturday when we had a real treat to have Mick Hanbury do an impromptu demo on finishing, using iridencent paints, not to mention a handful of cling film. The results were stunning and the Club Shop now stocks Jo Sonia paints at a discount. The second highlight was one Summer members' evening where we had four teams making skittles and balls to a plan. Thanks to Denis Winter and Tony Harvey for planning that evening and drawing up the plans. We made a complete set of 9 skittles, which then sold at the Thatcham festival.


Grants: The club did not apply for any grants in 2016, but do plan to apply for a grant in September 2017 to upgrade the video equipment with wi-fi cameras, resulting in fewer cables to set up each night. Watch this space!


Outside Events: The club attended 3 outside events in 2016.

1. Demo at Axminster Store Basingstoke in November 2016.

This was not well attended by the Public and we may not attend another unless pushed to do so

2. The Aldermaston and Wasing Show, September 2016.

This was not well attended last year, partly due to the weather and partly due to a change in organization. The Committee are considering attendance at the Swallowfield Show as an alternative, which promises 4000 visitors over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

3. The Thatcham Festival of Arts, October 2016.

This was well attended and we sold both the skittles set and the Club's long standing Chess Set, which all helped raise money for the Club, resulting in a donation of £20.00 to the Mayor's Fund. As always there was strong interest shown in our demonstrations and displays, and many useful inquiries regarding club membership.


Thanks: May I say a big thank you to the committee and all those members who helped to set up, man the stands, and help convey equipment between Padworth and these venues. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for all their hard work and support throughout the year. Also, I would like to thank all those members who have carried out auxiliary tasks, which are a considerable help to the committee, to ensure the smooth running of the club. These include the library, club shop, door attendance, monthly competition, and welcome member. A special thanks to John Tuck who has been selling raffle tickets on the door ever since I joined. John now has retired as he cannot always guarantee attendance. Thanks also go to Brian Collins for his continued service to the club, in providing a variety of wood blanks for sale. Also retiring as Manager of the Club Shop is Nigel Amor, who has given many years of service. I hope we will elect his replacement this evening.


To Sum up: 2016 has been yet another successful year for the club. Membership is up and growing, and attendance at Club demos, Members' evenings and Saturday Workshops remains strong. Our finances are reasonably strong but we need to be cautious of the future and guard against rising costs. The committee will present proposals to you later in the proceedings in this regard. Thanks to Phil Boulter for arranging another year of interesting demonstrators, managing to balance their entertainment value against their fess and travel costs. May I remind members that there will be a chance to discuss any Club-related issues in our Club forum after the formal part of the AGM is over. Thank you.

March Demonstrator

Martin Saban-Smith

The Club Tool Bank

Ray Brindley administers the tool bank

Members are reminded that the club has a selection of tools available in the "Tool Bank". These items are available to borrow in order to try out more unusual tools at home before perhaps contemplating an expensive purchase. The cost is only £5 for the loan, but a £15 refundable deposit will be required. Tools Available : The Allen Beecham 'Skewigouge' A Henry Taylor large bowl gouge with interchangeable ends(x4), inc. hollowing bit. A selection of thread chasing tools 18 & 20 TPI + recess cutter. A Robert Sorby texturing tool with selection of cutters. A Robert Sorby hollowing tool. A large Roly Munro hollowing tool. An arm rest for supporting various gouges and thread chasers.

Don't miss...


13th Feb 2018

AGM 7.30pm until 10pm

COMPETITION : The Reg Bailey Cup


24th Feb 2018

Saturday Workshop 10am until 1pm

Theme : Turning Goblets