June 2017


 Tuesday June 13th 

Demonstration by Mark Baker  who is Editor of the Woodturning Magazine

 Mark loves working with shapes exploring form and seeing what can be done with them. The classical and ancient forms feature heavily in Mark’s work but he always tries to develop and tweak things further.  He is very conscious of the woods selected, going a long way to find specific woods and cuts to maximise both the forum and the look. At times he uses colour and texture to enhance work and is always trying new things.

 Competition :  Something with a hole in it

 Saturday  workshop is 24th June

Theme : Basic Spindle Turning



July 11th. Demonstration by :

Bryan Milham

Bryan from Somerset does, Spindle Turning for the Nervous !

Demonstration of candlesticks and colouring/painting techniques

Competition :  Pestle & Mortar

Saturday Workshop : 22nd. July  Theme is basic Bowl Turning


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 "I have set up the following codes for the members who want to order on line.  Unfortunately, the system will not let me run a combined discount for the products and the p&p.  So I have set up 2 codes.  I don't know how it will work, so if anybody has a problem, tell them just to email me and I can issue a PayPal invoice that will sort it."   

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"Tiranti" ...'well 
worth a trip to the showroom if you're in the area. ' to be found at 
3 Pipers Lane off Pipers Way/Berkshire Drive on the road down to 
Thatcham station off the A4. They are very helpful & will give members 
a 5% discount...they stock things like Dremel drills & the accessories, 
gilt finishes & varnishes, staining wax pastes, liming wax, carnuba 
wax, ebonising lacquer, acrylic paints & pigments, pyrography bits & 
pieces plus wood carving tools & books.