Sat w/shop 26th August

 This will be a session to prepare & finish all the club items for the Swallowfield show on the Sunday & Monday 27th & 28th

All will be welcome at The Show, or volunteer to oversee the tables

Details of the show can be found at :


 The club now has its own Facebook Page :


 Lynn: Jo Sonja's UK 9 Bagnols Way Newbury Berkshire RG14 5NA tele: 07443 606570  or

 Message from Lynn at Jo Sonjas paints : 

 "I have set up the following codes for the members who want to order on line.  Unfortunately, the system will not let me run a combined discount for the products and the p&p.  So I have set up 2 codes.  I don't know how it will work, so if anybody has a problem, tell them just to email me and I can issue a PayPal invoice that will sort it."   

 The codes are as follows: KennetValley10    FreeP&P 


Hints & Tips .. please feel free to give John Austin your ideas that could help us all.

(See the "Hints & Tips" page)


  The club website is

  Thank you to all who have provided their e-mail addresses (please let Phil know your address). These newsletters are provided for those of you who need a ‘hard copy’ of events/meetings/exhibitions & general interest for club members.


 Monthly Raffle:

 Your chance to win one of those KVWT £15; £10 or £5 vouchers to spend at the shop or with Brian for blanks  


A website worth looking at for many ideas  :


"Tiranti" ...'well 
worth a trip to the showroom if you're in the area. ' to be found at 
3 Pipers Lane off Pipers Way/Berkshire Drive on the road down to 
Thatcham station off the A4. They are very helpful & will give members 
a 5% discount...they stock things like Dremel drills & the accessories, 
gilt finishes & varnishes, staining wax pastes, liming wax, carnuba 
wax, ebonising lacquer, acrylic paints & pigments, pyrography bits & 
pieces plus wood carving tools & books.