Club Monthly Competition :

Points and placings for the year  2017

May Competition

 1st.  Place  Peter Hannington  6 Points
 2nd. Place  David Goss  4 Points
 3rd. Place  Philip Sansom  2 Points
 1st.  Place  John Barrie-Smith  4 Points
 2nd. Place    
 3rd. Place    
 1st.  Place  Brian Jordan  6 Points
 2nd. Place  Jim Coombs  4 Points
 3rd. Place            Howard Turnnidge  2 Points        


  2017 competition totals :

 Philip Sampson  
 14 Points
 Peter Hannington    20 Points
 Peter Maslin    10  Points
 David Goss      4 Points
 John Barrie-Smith  
 6 Points
 Harvey Grimwood    18 Points
 Nigel Amor     6 Points
 James Coombs     9 Points
 Mike Head     7 Points
 Brian Jordan     7 Point
 Andrew Rowles     5 Points
 Howard Turnnidge     7 Points


Novice Winner April Club Competition by

Peter Hannington



James Taylor, 2016 winner of the Novice Competition,

receives the shield from Chairman Mike Allen


Stuart Johnson, winner of the advanced Competition,

receives the shield from Chairman Mike Allen


James Taylor, winner of the "Ladies Choice" competion at the Christmas meeeting

James Taylor and Chairman Mike Allen


Stuart Johnson receives cup from Chairman Mike Allen, for highest points total in all sections of the annual competion


Brian Jordan was the winner of the Intermediate Section of the competition.


Club Competition Rules


Competition Entry Forms

Monthly Club Competition









Form                   (1 – 10)

Does it have clean lines and do they flow smoothly?



Is it in proportion/balance and not top or bottom heavy?


Aesthetics         (1 – 10)

Is it pleasing to the eye and to the touch?



Does it have overall appeal?



Does the material used complement the design?



Would being bigger or smaller improve the design?



Does any texturing/ colouring add to the design?



Is there consistency of design elements?


Originality          (1 – 10)

Does it show originality?



If not an original design has the maker put his own stamp on it?


Tool work            (1 – 10)

Is it free from tool marks?



Is it free from crushed fibres and bruised surfaces?



Is it smooth and free from undulations?


Craftsmanship   (1 – 10)

If appropriate is the wall thickness consistent?



If appropriate is the inside smooth and well finished?



How well is the bottom finished?


Complexity         (1 – 10)

Is it well executed?



Degree of difficulty and the skill involved must be taken into account. 



Is the project too simplistic?


Choice                  (1 – 10)

Is the finish suitable for the project and purpose, including texturing and colouring? (Assume a food safe finish where appropriate)



Does the finish detract from the form?


Preparation       (1 – 10)

Has it been well sanded?



Is it free from sanding scratches?


Execution           (1 – 10)

Has the finish been well applied?



Are there flaws in the surface?



Is the finish smooth?



Is the finish consistent? 



                              (1 – 10)

This is the judge’s overall opinion of the piece and is obviously subjective. If necessary it may be used to determine any marking tie with the highest judge’s discretionary score being the tie-break.


Points System

2nd – 4 points

3rd – 2 points

Un-placed – 1 point.

2 entries only:      1st – 4 points

2nd – 2 points

1 entry only:         2 points

 The competition adjudicator is :  Steve Jamieson.